Q. Will we call at a date and time to suit you?

A. Simple answer is we will try and accommodate the Date you want ( but we can get booked up) and we will always give you a time slot that we aim to call )

Q. Can you sweep your own chimney?

A. There is no one to stop you but, Did you know it is often a condition of your insurance policy that your chimney is swept by a qualified chimney sweep

Q. Am i qualified?

A. Yes ,I am fully trained and registered  ( I first swept a chimney in 1981) I will issue an insurance recognised certificate to you as your proof of your sweep, as well as  keeping a copy , I am fully CRB checked for your piece of mind

Q. Do we use dust sheets?

A. Yes and no! For dust sheets on your floor we will use plastic sheeting specifically designed for the job and its disposable so dust from the last sweep shouldn’t get on your floor we use cloth sheets on your fire/stove as we need the weight to stop the soot escaping , we also cover any thing that is remotly near

Q. Can we describe a typical sweep?

A. Not really as there is no such thing, but to give you an idea we will arrive on site look at ur chimney stack etc look at your fire/stove assess what equipment we need then sheet up, then we will sweep with rods etc we will always put rods up and down  a few times that way we know its done, carry out a smoke test  , then we will tidy up and issue you with a certificate , sounds easy when you say it like that !

Q. Is there any dust?

A. We would be lying if we said no, however all our vacuums are fitted with HEPA filtration, but on a sunny day You may notice a bit of airborne dust, the chances are that it is the amount of air our vacuums move has disturbed dust that was already there. Sorry but any sweep who says they can carry out a sweep without dust is either not sweeping correctly or lying to you. Our policy at Sootes is honesty,

A. We are a small family run firm who have been in business since 1876 (we started out as farmers) we haven’t been sweeping all the time (I started sweeping in 1981) I have always prided my self that my word is my bond and have always throughout the years  lived to the same values that have been instilled in me since childhood  

Q. Is having your chimney swept really worth the money?

A. Short answer yes . we would say that , however:- Keeping your fire as efficient as possible saves fuel therefore money. Regular sweeping and appliance maintenance using the correct fuel / tools will achieve a higher temp and increase efficiency.

Q. Do we take our rubbish away?

A. Unlike most sweeps yes we do we are licensed waste carriers we actually store the soot for over twelve months and than use it as fertiliser that way we are being environmentally friendly as traditionally this was the use of soot,  we will however leave it with you if so requested

Q. Where should you store your wood?

A. Not next to your fire, but somewhere dry see Sootes advice for what burns best

Q. What causes a chimney fire?

A. A number of reasons but the main ones are , Infrequent sweeping and cleaning, Overnight burning or smoldering wood for long periods in stoves etc, burning wet unseasoned wood

Q. How often should you sweep your chimney/Flue?

A. See Sootes guide on our services page 

Q. Do we bring our own Hoover , Vacuum?

A. Yes we always bring two specialist vacuums as all jobs are different

Q. What do we need from you?

A. Access to a standard 13 amp socket  and payment at end of job , also please don’t have it lit for at least 12 hrs before

Q. Why don’t we list firm prices?

A. Unfortunately all chimneys/flues are different and we don’t know till we get on site, however the prices quoted are as a guide, it means we get to site and allow up to an hr to carry out the full job any additional time is billed at a flat rate £20 per half hr or part thereof, don’t worry if we only go over by a few minutes we wont round it up,  we will keep you fully informed at all times

Q. Is a CCTV survey necessary?

A. Sometimes yes it can quickly diagnose problems, i.e. is it damaged, where the blockage is the list goes on

Q. Your Question isn’t answered here?

A. Sorry we haven’t answered your question, however if you simply Contact us we will be glad to answer any of your further questions

Q. Do we have terms and conditions?

A. Yes , sorry but we have to but we have tried to keep them to a minimum , Full payment is due upon completion, we also need to make you aware that as the sweeping of chimneys/flues is a necessary form of maintenance, it therefore follows that such works can reveal faults such as loose chimney pots, cowls etc.  , unstable brickwork both our selves and any of our sweeps cannot be held responsible for any costs relating to subsequent remedial work to any such faults.

Also No responsibility is taken for any damage to T,V, aerials or satellite dishes or misalignment of same

 Lastly Sootes decision is final! By engaging us and agreeing for us to carry out work for you, You are agreeing to these with no cause for redress

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